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Q: Is granite hard to maintain and can it stain?

A: Granite is very easy to maintain. We offer a 25 year residental sealer that we put on when we install.  With our sealer we offer, you won't have to reseal for another 25 years. If you keep it properly sealed you won't have a problem with staining.

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Granite does need to be sealed. Granite offers you a larger selection of colors and has more variation in colors of each piece of stone. Quartz offers you a maintenance-free solution to your countertops. It has a limited selection of colors but offers a more consistent color. Both can be cut on. Granite is heat-resistant and Quartz is semi heat-resistant.

What is the difference between granite and quartz?

Q: Can you undermount a sink in laminate countertops?

A: Yes! We offer multiple sinks and colors.

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Top Shop of Mankato, Inc. was established in December of 1987 in Mankato, MN. The business started out in a 1100 square foot building offering post formed laminate, custom square edge laminate.


In 1992 Top Shop added custom laminate countertops. In 1998, due to the growth in the business the company moved to a 4000 square foot building that includes a 1000 square foot showroom in North Mankato.


In the fall of 2004 Top Shop added custom fabricated granite and quartz countertops  to its product line. In the spring of 2006 Top Shop added another 1000 square feet to allow for the expansion and growth in the business. This along with fabricating quartz countertops gives the customer a broad range of products and prices to choose from for all of their kitchen and bath needs.

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Q: Do you do tearout and disposal of exsiting tops?

A: Yes we do offer this service, with any kitchen or bath remodel.

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